Sunday, February 13, 2011

Find the Distance Travelled By the Prince

A Prince is going to a temple in a forest by his horse which travels at a speed of 60 km per hour. When he reached the entrance of the forest, he saw a girl who is going to the temple at a speed of 6 kms per hour. He visits the temple and returns to see the girl immediately. After he sees the girl, he goes again to the temple. He roams between the temple and girl, till the girl reaches the temple after one hour. How much distance the prince travelled by roaming between the girl and the temple?


If we try to calculate how many no.of times, the prince has visited the temple or girl etc., the problem becomes complicated. The simple to way to solve the problem is, how long the prince has travelled, and from that calculate the distance. The prince has travelled as long as the girl was walking towards the temple. The girl took one hour to reach the temple. For that one hour, the prince was travelling. So, he travelled total 60 kms.

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